The concept of LadyLingua was originally sown in Egypt. Today, local and international organizations, as well as businesses throughout the MENA region, are enjoying the fruits of this collaborative effort.

The LadyLingua Story


LadyLingua Ltd was launched in 2008 by five women who met while pursuing their English–Arabic Translation postgraduate studies at Cairo University. Passionate about language and ambitious in both their career and family lives, they decided to launch a translation company together. Their goals were to create a business that provides a place for women to work from home, to put what they have learned into practice, and to build a company they are proud of.

In 2016, after eight years of diligent effort and a gradually expanding slate of services, LadyLingua has become a well-established company that delivers high quality, personalized results to satisfied clients throughout the MENA region. Want more? Read Our Story / Watch Our Story.


Meet The LadyLingua Founders

Rasha Alajouz


Managing Partner [CEO]

Ola A.

Co-founder & Board Member

Rania I. Mostafa

Co-founder & Board Member

Sarah M. A.Mohsen

Co-founder & Board Member

Shaimaa A. Alsawy

Co-founder & Board Member

Our Freelancers

We carefully vet our team of freelancers to ensure that they not only have excellent skills, but also share our commitment to your success! Every member of the LadyLingua freelance team has at least five years’ practical experience in their area of expertise, as well as a relevant academic degree; several of our team members have master’s or doctoral degrees in their field.

Resources for Freelancers

LadyLingua believes in continually learning and building community. As such, we offer our team members an extensive E-library that includes articles, news stories, forums, and other resources to feed and further their success on and off the job.

Check Out Our E-Library