Our Story

Our Story


Our Story

We are a small group of ambitious ladies who first met when we were attending a post graduate “English–Arabic Translation” diploma at Cairo University. We hit it off right away since we shared the same challenges of family commitments and career aspirations. And that’s when the seeds for LadyLingua were sown.

In a world that had begun shifting to online services—starting with simply booking a taxi, all the way through to planning and booking a full vacation—LadyLingua was one of the first to develop the idea of offering premium online-based translation services, dynamically recruiting the best translators in the business to provide our clients with the best possible editorial services.

The fact that we were all ladies offering online services did not automatically make for an easy path; we faced various challenges just to start the business as entrepreneurs. Albeit, through all the market challenges, setbacks, and other financial changes over the first five years, we managed to stay tough and strong while pursuing our goal of becoming one of the best and most respected translation agencies in Egypt and the Middle East.

“We managed to stay tough & strong while pursuing our goal”

LadyLingua Founders

LadyLingua launched in 2008 with only five ladies and no clients. We persisted in performing our work with exceptional diligence to build and then retain our market position, while also increasing our clientele and expanding our services. We included creative services to our renowned translation services in 2010. Now, in 2016, we’ve added tailored services targeted at SMEs to our renowned translation and creative services.

Today, after a journey of eight years, we’ve become a well-established company of employees and freelancers who serve a group of respected clients. We take pride in that, and we’re looking forward to continue supporting our clients and refining our services for years to come.

Through this journey, we extend our appreciation for those who helped us along the way.


Dr. M. Enany of the Arts Department and the other distinguished professors at Cairo University, as follows:

English Language and Literature Department:
  • Dr. Randa Khalaf Ahmed Abu Bakr
  • Dr. Omayah Khalifa
  • Dr. Khalid Tawfiq
  • Dr. Ahmad Kamal
  • Dr. Ayda Naji
Arabic Language and Literature Department:
  • Dr. Saad Al-Sayyid Ahmad Abd Al-Rahim
  • Dr. Khairy Mohamed Abdel Hamid Doma
Arab Translators Community:
  • Dr. Nabil Chaiban
  • Mr.Mohammad Abu-Risha
  • Ms.Yasmin Moslem

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