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Our dear visitors, here is something for you, too.

If you think we are merely a professional services company, then think again. We are a purpose-driven company that aims to create profound and lasting change in our shared world through our services and through the meaningful journeys and lives of our employees and freelancers.

We focus on spreading the culture of excellence in work and life by following our Prophet’s (PBUH) advice, “Allah loves that if a person does something, he does it perfectly.”

We care about our team. I’m sure that by now you’ve noticed the word “Lady” in our name. This is simply because we’re a business comprised of highly skilled ladies working together. Our goal is to help women staying at home to further hone their skills, develop their potential and earn a suitable income from the comfort of their own homes. Maximum results are achieved when businesses are flexible, and that’s what we offer our team.

Finally, we address some social issues. We provide financial help for those with high-tuition fees, those who wish to go Hajj and aren’t able to because of monetary issues, and those who need to support their families.

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LadyLingua Ltd is an online company that offers wide selection of editorial and creative services to private and public sector firms, NGOs, educational organizations, and individuals throughout the MENA region. We take your message, vision, and work to the next level. Our highly skilled professionals are hand-selected to ensure you get a premium experience, the 'L-Experience'. With our expertise and dedication, you can just relax and enjoy your work, while it becomes a smash hit!

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